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Welcome to the World of Johnnie Cooke

Using the finest locally sourced fresh ingredients, Johnnie’s philosophy is all about simple food bursting with flavour and colour.

Chef Johnnie Cooke draws his experience from his extensive culinary career, his Mediterranean / Californian influenced cuisine is inspired by his love of travel and time spent in California and New Mexico.

How It All Started

A lot has changed since chef Johnnie Cooke became a pioneer in serving Mediterranean flavours in Ireland back in the nineties at the long-lived Cooke’s Café. Long story short; tapas, jamón and paella have entered the local foodie dictionary and diners have come to expect the challenging combo of top quality and good value. Add to that the importance placed in provenance, traceability and even instagramability of the dishes and it will feel like a successful restaurateur is not far from a magician.

But at 54, and after taking over The Restaurant at Brown Thomas, Cooke doesn’t rely on trickery to awe guests. His work shows the consistency of a professional with passion, a trait that “you either have or you don’t”, he points out, as he recalls reading cookbooks from a young age and soon after, at 16, beginning a career that would see him working in Spain and California, places that just like his hometown, Howth, have vibrant coastal lifestyles and fine seafood to go with them.

The Johnnie Cooke Team

Johnnie Cooke

Johnnie Cooke

Rene Hendriks
General Manager

Rene Hendriks

Roderick Vastenburg
Operational Manager

Roderick Vastenburg

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